DEX Quality Finishes


Our signature Saffiano exterior is made to handle all the rigors of daily play.  The cross hatch finish gives a luxurios textured feel that does not lack in durability.  

Intrecciato Weave

  • This Italian texture was created in 1966 and applied to some of the most sought after luxury clothing accessories.  We have applied that very same texture to our Proline and limited edition products to handle the rigors of travel


  • This extremely light weight material is made of paper texturized to enforce stability and feel.  The unique exterior is only used on our baseline products.


The pinnacle of our Safari Series, the crocodile exterior is one of the moost famous materials used in the gaming industry.  Known for the stylish design and elegant feel.  Don’t worry no crocodiles were actually harmed using this material.


Our take on the snake skin look.  Our rich combination of black, grey, and whites give the python skin exterior a look many other products only wish for.  But don’t worry no pythons were used in our products.